Hey Crewmates!

On a random day you step into a random coffee shop and order a latte, all you get, after your name being yelled, is a latte with your name spelled all wrong on the cup lid and you never hear a “thank you”. Ugh. NOT ON OUR WATCH.

In 2020, we founded Crew with the determination to bring people together by serving quality coffee. What’s more, we want all our guests to experience attentive service and feel our positive energy through interactions. We truly want all our customers to slow down their fast pace of life and interact with people while enjoying our coffees.

So, Hey Crewmates! Yes, this is how we're gonna call you! Have you had your coffee today? Have a beautiful day!

Crew - Latte art
Tight As a Crew; Huddle For a Brew

Tight as a Crew; Huddle for a Brew

Our common passion for coffee appreciation is the key to our solid friendship and teamwork. And we would love to share this passion with people around us.

By some quirk of fate, we all crossed paths with each other in Wan Chai. We all love this vivid neighbourhood that is well blended with tranquility and prosperity. So, we decided to root our business in Wan Chai and have been spreading our passion for coffee ever since.

As Crew grows bigger and better, we strive for serving more and more Crewmates with great coffee and our energetic vibe. Now we are also serving Crewmates from Central. And what's next? Let's write the next chapter together!

A New Taste of Icon

Our brand colour - #2D524A - is called Crew Green.

Gentle, easy-going and stylish, this classic shade of green is inspired from some Hong Kong iconic brands- Star Ferry, Hong Kong Tramways and Cathay Pacific. 

Crew Green symbolizes one of our visions: to become one of the icons in the local coffee industry. 

Crew Green - #2D524A

Meet the big 3

Crew - Creamy Lam

Creamy, Queen Vibing

"Everyone is a Crewmate. We are always happy to share every single moment with you!"

Crew - Jayden Law

Jayden, Beautiful Day Maker

"A great day starts with great coffee. And our job is to make sure you have great coffee every day!"

Crew - Jan Fung

Jan, Caffeine Popper

"We serve with heart and efficiency. Enjoy your every sip without hurry!"

Find Your Crew

Crew Wan Chai Shop

Crew Wan Chai

The corner for a brew, the crew, and you.

9A, G/F, On Hing Mansion,
156-164 Queen’s Road East,
Wan Chai.

Crew Central Shop @BaseHall.

Crew Central @BaseHall.

Coffee by day, wine by night.

Shop 9A,B & C, LG/F, Jardine House,
1 Connaught Place,