We believe collaboration is the first step towards innovation, and it is always exciting to explore all kinds of possibilities.
If you have come up some great ideas about teaming up with us, please do not hesitate to contact us!
We look forward to our potential partnership!

Crew - Customised Products

Customized Products

If you are thinking to provide premium coffee to your guests in your upcoming events, parties, concerts, etc. We are here to help! We help you source the beans, provide tailor-made products for the occasion and create a unique design. Just for you.

Pop-up Events

In 2021, we had the pleasure to participate in the Coffee Mart 2021 by @allaboutcoffee_hk in Stanley. For the event, we exclusively launched the groundbreaking "Crewtail" menu. What a fun (and drunk) experience.

Currently, we are having a pop-up shop in @BaseHall, Central. serving coffee by day and wine by night. Our signature Crewtails are also available there. Come along and get a little caffeinated and tipsy together with us!

We hope to see more Crewmates in more areas! Let us know where you want us next!

Crew - Pop-up Events

Small Shop with a Big Crew

We are delighted to have establish a long-term collaboration with a young and vivid local pâtisserie - @16juin. Its signature madeleines are now available online! Other exquisitely baked goods by its talented pâtissière are also available at our physical stores!

Our previous collaborations included some renowned local dessert brands like @justformochi & Our good-looking CrewTee is also a crossover product designed by